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The Ultimate Skill Based Gaming Eco-System

Senet is the Future of Gaming

Senet offers a skill-based platform to both game developers and players. The game developers can publish their skill-based games to Senet platform and earn money. The users play the games, win tournaments, and earn prizes.

With our integration in blockchain technology, Senet offers higher rewards and better prizes than most platforms.

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Senet Ecosystem

NFT Games

Own virtual assets with unprecedented security in NFT games. SENET introduces a world where your games have real-world value.

Cryptocurrency reward system

Unlock a unique cryptocurrency reward system that values your gaming prowess. SENET seamlessly turns your in-game achievements into real-world cryptocurrency rewards.

Skill Games

Elevate your gaming with skill-based challenges. SENET is crafted for players who seek rewarding experiences, where your expertise directly influences your success in skill games.


Enter the competitive world of esports with SENET. Join a global community that supports healthy competition, skill development, and rewards, whether you're a casual or aspiring professional gamer.

Effortless Gaming with SENET

Simplify and Elevate Your Mobile Gaming Experience with SENET – The Secure, Fast, and Rewarding Way to Enhance Your Gameplay

Connecting Your Wallet in 3 Easy Steps

Unlock the full potential of our platform by seamlessly connecting your wallet. Follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth and secure integration.

Navigate to your account settings within our platform. Look for the “Wallet” or “Connect Wallet” option. Click on it to initiate the connection process.

Select your preferred wallet provider from the list of supported options. Whether you use MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or another provider, our platform ensures compatibility for a hassle-free connection.

Follow the prompts to confirm the connection between your wallet and our platform. Ensure that the connection is secure, and you may be required to enter your wallet password or perform additional security measures.

What Our Development
Partners Say About Senet

“Senet is a game development paradise for Twin Sails Interactive. The skill-based platform allows us to unleash our creativity, reaching a wider audience. Players are hooked on the challenging tournaments and enticing prizes. Senet's use of blockchain technology ensures that rewards are not just thrilling but also secure.”

- Tony Twin Sails Interactive

“SENET innovative approach to gaming and cryptocurrency has brought a new level of excitement to Vixa Games. The benefits for players, such as exclusive in-game content and discounts, have enhanced our games' appeal. SENET is driving positive changes in the gaming industry.”

- Juliusz Micko CEO w Vixa Games

“FredBear Games is thrilled to collaborate with SENET. The strategic use of gameplay data and the introduction of a staking program have added depth to the gaming experience. SENET vision aligns with our commitment to providing innovative and rewarding games for our players.”

- Clive Bennett CEO at FredBear Games Ltd

“We are thrilled to extend our commendation to Senet, a trailblazer in the gaming industry. Senet's dedication to providing a skill-based gaming platform has set a new standard, creating an ecosystem that values creativity and competition. ”

Arturo Mendez Acar Games

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